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About Us

This site is a record of some twenty years of exploration of national parks.

Living in New South Wales, I started exploring all the major nearby parks, then sought out books on where to find the best walking tracks and views. (Books such as Classic Wild Walks of Australia by Robert Rankin (Rankin Publishers, 1989) and Twenty Best Walks in Australia by Tyrone Thomas.) That led me to interstate explorations and the search for more detailed books. John Chapman and John Siseman have some brilliant books on Victorian alpine parks and Tasmania which inspired me to many years’ worth of adventures. (These are published by John Chapman, Pindari Publications, and Algona Publications). After that I spent ten years working for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. At that time it seemed to make more sense to investigate what was available in my own state rather than interstate since it was work related.

As one might expect, over the years I progressed from a Kodak Instamatic camera to a microscopic Olympus OM1, then a highly versatile Olympus OZ 110 compact camera with a decent zoom, to a Cannon EOS 5 SLR with a couple of image stabilized zoom lenses and polarising filters. I still haven’t evolved to digital yet, and unfortunately the quality of film development in my local area has deteriorated noticeably (or my equipment isn’t taking photos like it used to), so I don’t take as many pictures these days.

My search for information on places to explore made me very aware of the lack of information that was available. Finding any type of guide to Queensland National Parks was difficult, and I still am not aware of anything on Queensland of the calibre of Chapman and Siseman’s books on the southern states.

One of my main inspirations was “Wild Australia: A recreational guide to all our national parks” (Reader’s Digest Australia, 1989) which provided some information and pictures on all the parks in Australia. In a lot of ways, this website is my tribute to that book. The pictures were not always stunning and were often compromised by dull weather, but if you saw a spectacular landform that was impressive even under those conditions, then you knew it was worth visiting - the same sort of viewpoint that I bring to this website.

Armed with such inspirational books and their descriptions of terrain and highlights, I began collecting topographic maps and planning visits. My passion for these pursuits continued despite having my car vandalised near the township of Bogong in Victoria while I was away exploring, but my enthusiasm was greatly curtailed when my car was written off near Yarangobilly in Kosciuszko National Park and the police had to track me down because they didn't know if Ihad been in the car at the time it was attacked. At that stage I was using a CDMA mobile phone and the coverage in the high country was not as good as the old analogue system used to be, so I hadn't been able to contact home for some days.

Nevertheless, this website now showcases the extent of those explorations and I hope it may provide some inspiration for the next generation of explorers.

Dane Ikin

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